Tuesday, November 30, 2004

christmas in november!?

I have the pleasure of going to work every day to hang out with people that they have to pay me to. Ever since starbucks released the holiday cups on the caffeinated massses in the middle of november people wont stop saying the same thing. It goes something like this-

"isn't christmas like, two months away? It seems that every year they are starting this earlier and earlier. I can't take it! This is ruining my life!"

please, all of you, shut the fuck up. This happens every year. It has happened every year since I can remember and therefore does not need commenting on like it's some amazing new development. Bitch about something else. red colored cups don't change your life. holiday music doesn't change your life unless you work in the mall and then you are 15 and I dont care. so stop. please. stop.

merry christmas!


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